Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Year's Resolution

Yes, I’m still here! I have to be the worst blogger on the internet, and one of my resolutions for the year is to try to post more frequently.

Things have been a bit up in the air as far as my books go, mainly because I have been digging my heels about making any major edit changes to PORTAL. I will blog some more about that next Tuesday.

For now, I’m busy writing again. I have started writing the second book in the Bonfire Chronicles prequel series, Bonfire Academy. I realize that probably wasn't a popular choice, as the Portal Chronicle fans are waiting for the next book. However, I think my time line will flow better this way. And I get to photograph the model for my cover next week. It'll be the first time I shoot a live model (apart from my daughter), so that should be interesting. I might interview him for the blog.

What else am I doing... or not doing? I am not reviewing anymore. It was taking too much time, and it sapped the fun out of reading for me. Speaking of which, I’m reading The Hunger Games at the moment. Absolutely awesome! I loved Battle Royale and hesitated in picking up The Hunger Games because of the obvious similarities. When my daughter decided she wanted to read it (after watching the movie trailer), I thought it might be fun to read it together. What hooked me are the characters. Suzanne Collins has done an excellent job of writing characters who I (and my daughter) immediately fell in love with and invested my emotions in. So, if you haven't read it already, do! The movie will be out this March.

~Imogen xo

Check out these awesome Hunger Games nails!!

From left to right: Mockingjay, bomb, bow and arrow, white rose, fire, poison berries, primrose, trident, sunset, mockingjay.


Anonymous said...

YAY...you are writing again! I don't care what you write....JUST WRITE!!!! :D
I loved the Hunger Games, it was a great series.
I love the nail pics!!!!

Debra C. said...

Excellent post Miss Rose!!
I look forward to reading your next book :)

imogenobsessed said...

I read Hunger Games and then Battle Royal. I was hesitant to do the opposite because of the similarities but was happy with my decision to read it as I loved it. Did you watch the movie?

imogenobsessed said...

And PS. You writing a new Bonfire Academy book is my popular choice. Although I am being biased because I read that as my first Imogen Rose novel. Now I am hooked on Portal so it's a win win for me!

Imogen Rose said...

I did! I liked the Battle Royale movie even better than the book. It was awesome. I am really looking forward to watching the Hunger Games... tonight at midnight at the IMAX!