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INTEGRATION Bewitching Book Tour and Kindle Fire Giveaway

Now on Tour Integration by Imogen Rose

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Bonfire Book 2
By Imogen Rose

Second Haiku warning:

A boyfriend missing
A lover must pay in blood
A princess must die

Welcome back to Bonfire Academy.

Book Trailer 

A Teaser Excerpt

Broken. I couldn’t think of a better word to describe it. I felt as if I’d been torn to bits, maybe even shredded. I was suffocating, surrounded by a wet tightness of skin and flesh all crusted together. My body was home to excruciating stabs of pain searing about randomly before a final thrust of sheer agony. I couldn’t tell if the source of the pain was within me or if I was being repeatedly sliced open with a knife. Did it matter? I felt as though it was only a matter of seconds before my thoughts would end.


My name. I flinched as the same voice repeated my name again and again. Why? Who was it? It—he—sounded familiar. I heaved as the voice triggered the memory of his face. Then, not being able to stop the bile from traveling up my throat, I gagged and purged, emptying my stomach completely. The next time he muttered my name, his voice was laced with disgust. But his revulsion couldn’t compete with my utter repugnance and disbelief at what he’d done. Him. Someone I had trusted with my life, even though the rule was clear:

Trust No One.

About the Authorgen Rose is the author of the bestselling series, Portal Chronicles, which has attained cult status within indie literature and become a favorite among tee

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Trust No One Giveaway

INTEGRATION goes on tour starting on Wednesday with a Kindle Fire giveaway. In the meantime, here is a t-shirt (female/male versions available) giveaway:

Winner will be announced here 

TO ENTER: Leave a comment (and your email address). Winner will be announced on 8/20/2012

WINNER: IRIS (emailed) Congratulations. THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Integration Playlist

A selection of music—some of them relevant to the plot and some that inspired me to write.

1. Celtic Requiem (Elliot Simons)

2. Demons (Imagine Dragons)

3. If We Fall (She Said Save Me Ft. Mary Cassidy)

4. Too Close (Alex Clare)

5.  The Underestimation of Denial (The Nick Tree Band)

6. Bottom of the River (Delta Rae)

7. My Fault (Imagine Dragons)

8. Naive (The Kooks)

9.Good to You (Mariana's Trench Ft. Jessica Lee)

10. The Man who Sold the World (Nirvana)

11. A White Demon Love Song (The Killers)

12. We Might as well be Strangers (Keane)

13. November Rain (David Garrett)

14. Let yourself Go (Green Day)

15. Requiem for a Dream (Kate Chruscicka)