Saturday, August 4, 2012

Integration Playlist

A selection of music—some of them relevant to the plot and some that inspired me to write.

1. Celtic Requiem (Elliot Simons)

2. Demons (Imagine Dragons)

3. If We Fall (She Said Save Me Ft. Mary Cassidy)

4. Too Close (Alex Clare)

5.  The Underestimation of Denial (The Nick Tree Band)

6. Bottom of the River (Delta Rae)

7. My Fault (Imagine Dragons)

8. Naive (The Kooks)

9.Good to You (Mariana's Trench Ft. Jessica Lee)

10. The Man who Sold the World (Nirvana)

11. A White Demon Love Song (The Killers)

12. We Might as well be Strangers (Keane)

13. November Rain (David Garrett)

14. Let yourself Go (Green Day)

15. Requiem for a Dream (Kate Chruscicka)

1 comment:

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