Saturday, June 23, 2012

An Interview with Rea

It is very rare for Bonfire Academy to grant permission for someone to interview one of their students. However, I am a friend of the Stapple twins’ mother, and she obtained permission for me to interview Rea.

I met with Rea at my hotel in St. Moritz. When I opened the door to my suite after the first knock, there was no one outside. This went on a few times until I decided to leave the door ajar. She walked in minutes later, a large freckle on her nose glowing bright orange. I was taken aback. I had expected an unseemly creature, having the standard image of a troll imprinted in my head. But of course, she came in her human form–an impishly charming girl, her blond hair in dreadlocks, her bright green eyes sparkling mischievously.  Although I asked her to sit, she preferred to stand as we talked, skipping about the room looking through my closet and desk drawers. I ignored that until she slipped her hand into my Birkin and pocketed my wallet. She shrugged when I threw her a look, and hastily returned it. Thankfully, the remainder of the time, she just tried on some of my shoes and clomped about in them.

Rea, are you a full troll or hybrid?  
My twin and I are hybrids.  We are part troll and part fabulous faery.  When it comes to mischief, we are definitely dominant troll.

Trolls are often changelings, swapped out for a human child. Did your parents place you with a human family?  
Yes, they did, but it didn't last long!  Our human family loved us, but we were a handful!  It seems our human family didn't have all that much of a sense of humor.

Did the human family find out that you were trolls?
They suspected something was up, but wondered if the sudden change in the personality of their kids had something to do with those injections human babies seem to need.

What happened to the human twins you were swapped with? Are they still alive?
Very much alive and we are good friends now. They still live at our parents’ place. They assume they are trolls as well, but ones who aren’t able to do what normal trolls can.

Your twin, Noella, is very rarely sighted. Some even question her existence. Why is that?
I am glad you asked that.  She does exist, believe me!  Noella is the youngest and the most spoiled.  We are identical twins except for a small freckle that Noella has on her nose.   We excelled at witchcraft classes, and she learned a chant to make her freckle disappear when she was caught doing naughty things.  Everybody always looked for that darn naughty freckle, and when it wasn't there, it was believed that *REA* did it!  I did try a chant to make a naughty freckle appear once when I was in trouble, but when the freckle glowed orange, I was busted! 

You seem to be in trouble at the school all the time. Have you even been forced to have sessions with Dr. Amour?
Yes, I have, and it didn’t go well!  I thought we’d gotten away with it, but she hauled me up to her office the other day. She is OLD and can’t understand young, fun-loving, and adorable trolls!

How do you feel about demons?
I love demons!  We are impossible to catch, so even though they scare most paranormals, the trolls actually torment them! I could do without the oozing puss though.  Bleh!

You’ve been particularly active in trying to annoy Pascal. Is that your way of getting his attention? Are you interested in him?
He is a cute demon, and that is all I am saying!

With that, Rea disappeared though the door wearing my YSL Tribs. ☺

I’d like to thank Allirea Brumley for getting into character and responding to my questions as her paranormal alter ego, Rea.


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