Monday, April 9, 2012

An Interview with David

Although David made a late appearance in Portal, I fell in love with him instantly. Much as I had totally committed myself to the Kellan-Arizona love story, David pulled at me. So when the story unfolded to allow David to segue into a love story of his own, I was beyond excited for him. This interview takes place four books into the story, so those of you who have not read those books, be warned. It may contain spoilers, though I will try my best to censor those. :)

Imogen: David, thanks for taking the time to answers some questions from your fans, and some from me. Can you start by telling us when you first found out that you were a Wanderer?

David: Thanks for having me! Actually, my story is different from most other Wanderers. My wandering abilities are very powerful, more so than even my mom’s. Most Wanderers go through training before their powers are unleashed, but mine just seemed to appear on their own. I used to disappear from my crib when I was a baby, much to my parents’ worry. But I always reappeared.

Imogen: Phew! And wow, that must have been awful for your parents! Where did you disappear to?

David: Nowhere in particular. I just liked the feeling of wandering. I never went far until I became a toddler, then I’d wander all over the place!

Imogen: Like where?

David: The zoo, candy stores, down to the fire station. I wanted to be a fireman when I grew up.

Imogen: That’s too funny. I’m glad you survived your naughty early years! How did your parents cope?

David: They learned to trust that I was capable of looking after myself at a very young age.

Imogen: I bet they had to, or you would have driven them crazy with worry.

David (with that disarming smile of his): Yeah, maybe.

Imogen: How did you go from being a naughty toddler to a being Arizona’s Wanderer?

David: It was partly because of my naughtiness. Mom decided that some of it stemmed from having too much time on my hands, so she tried to keep me busy. When the opportunity to work with the Darley family came up, she volunteered me for the job.

Imogen: So how old were you when you started?

David: Seven. It was just before Arizona was brought through the Portal. We were all living in the Stevens dimension then.

Imogen: David, how did you feel when Arizona hooked up with Kellan?

David: I was pissed off. It came out of nowhere. But once I had time to figure out what was going on, I was mostly really disappointed.

Imogen: Heartbroken?

(David nods.)

Imogen: What a rollercoaster it’s been with Arizona so far. I have a few fan questions for you, which I will reword to avoid spoiling it for those who have not finished reading the latest books.

David: Awesome! Shoot!

Imogen: The first question is from Krystal Moore. She wants to know how you think the two girls will react if they meet?

David: I haven’t a clue, but I’d hope it would be an “OMG, that’s rad” moment.

Imogen: Krystal would also like to know, in a perfect world or worlds, would you prefer the girls and their lives stay separate?

David: I can’t at the moment imagine the two worlds merging. It would be too weird. But who knows what will happen? Do you?

Imogen: Ha, ha No... not a clue! Here’s a question from Alli Potter. Which Arizona did you truly fall in love with? Does the Arizona who chose Kellan make you jealous?

David: I love A. And to the other question... it did at first, but not anymore.

Imogen: My daughter, Lauren, wants to know whether you prefer macaroons or cupcakes?

David: Macaroons! The coconut ones.

Imogen: I had a final question from my friend Allirea Brumley, but I lost it. She probably wanted to know if you date faeries?

David: Unless A is a faery, no. Though I might make an exception for Allirea (awesome name). Just joking, A. Don’t mallet me!

Imogen: Mallet?

David: Just a private joke. A can get a bit testy at times.

Imogen: I bet! Thanks, David. It was a pleasure to talk to you.


Linda McK said...

OMG! I love it! Another awesome interview! I can't wait to see where you take this relationship. David is a wonderful addition to the story. I wasn't sure I even liked him at first.

My heart breaks a little for Kellan. We all know and love A. Stevens. The big question is who is Arizona Darley really? Besides being the perfect daughter that Olivia wanted. Her life has been totally sheltered and I feel that she is going to have to draw on some of A. Stevens strengths. So where does that leave them both?

You have a very big task ahead of you Imogen!

And I have to ask, are you done with book 5 yet? I’m waiting!

imogenobsessed said...

She is writing the next Bonfire Academy book right now but I believe it will be out sometime in June. I assume she will then work on the 5th book.
I LOVE this interview. I think it is awesome she does this! It makes me want to bug her about book 5 too lol but a woman can only do so much :). Have you read Initiation? If not DO IT, it will hold you over trust me!

imogenobsessed said...

And I think Kellan will end up having a happy ending too (well I hope so because I love that relationship). But David really grew on me. When I first started reading "my David" I was like WHAT!? But "his Arizona" and him are totally adorable and I really like his character now.

Imogen Rose said...

Linda, I am going to start working on it once I am done with Integration. We're looking at a fall release.